is one of Pakistan’s efficient online buying and selling platform. As a, our vision is to provide the best user-friendly environment across all online portals available in Pakistan. Same time our vision is to bring all categories under one roof, like Car, Mobiles & Laptops, Jobs, Real Estate, Home Appliances, Business services, Home Decoration, Baby Items and other categories.

Our concept is that we provide all categories under one roof to the user that he does not need to open different portals for different things so he can find all stuff what he needs in one portal.

We will bring new and exciting features in our platform in future as we believe in continuous improvement and our ultimate aim to bring the best user experience.

Our vision to become user friendly, for this we are providing the facility such as easily login to our portal by using Face book ID or Gmail ID, search for your stuff, and contact your seller by easily clicking on what’s app icon in contact and directly contact seller ’what’s app contact.

Main Categories

Real Estate:

Real estate is one of the hot topics in Pakistan in any era so our vision to bring buyer and seller on one table directly by using our platform and by bringing both buyer and seller on table our objective is to bring transparency in real estate market. Our target is also to generate leads through our portal for Real Estate Dealers so they will feel confidence in our platform and it will be win win situation for both Real Estate Dealers and because ultimately our target is generating the economic activity by using our portal in Real Estate Market.

Cars and Bikes:

Under Cars and Bikes category, you can find all your wanted stuff if you want to buy and sell used car and bike in your city. Used car and bikes buying and selling online is a future in Pakistan as everyone is too much busy in his life that people does not have time to go to market and spend time in market for their car and bikes. Therefore, in our platform you can save your time and find your stuff with ease of mind.

Mobiles, Computer and Laptops:

Under Mobile and Laptop category, you can easily sell your used mobile and laptop online by using our platform. Again, the concept is to save the time for buyer and seller and use our platform to buy and sell your stuff just by posting the ad.

Home Appliances:

We also focus on Home appliances because in daily life we need to buy stuff like TV, Fridge, A.C, Cookware and other household stuff so by using our portal buyer can find it easily and save his Precious time


Searching online jobs is very highly trending in Pakistan now days. It includes jobs for sales, Marketing, Finance and Admin and also note as we have one of the best workforce of freelancers in Pakistan who are providing their services abroad they can also use our platform in future.